Conference on Safe Coastal Tourism in Port St Johns October 2012


With the following letter we addressed accommodations in the area of Port St Johns, municipalities located at the Wild Coast, lifeguard organizations, press, .. to our meeting and presentation of the NPO Safe Coastal Tourism. This conference was held on the 26th of October 2012. The presentation can be found here.

Dear Madam, dear Sir,

Because of the drowning of our beloved son Bavo Verheyden, and of the recent drowning of six promising rugby players on a beach in Port Elisabeth, and as ocean drowning prevention is urgently needed, we would like to ask your attention for our upcoming event/project. On Friday, October 26th, the NPO Safe Coastal Tourism hosts a conference which will discuss tools and strategies to reduce the number of ocean drownings of domestic ànd foreign tourists. You are cordially invited to join or to send a delegate to this conference.

Please find an invitation and document with information on our NPO Safe Coastal Tourism in attachment. This invitation is addressed to accommodations in the area of Port St Johns,  municipalities located at the Wild Coast,  lifeguard organizations, press, ...

FYI, I also send you in attachment a support letter from the Secretary General of United Nations World Tourism Organisation, Mr. Taleb RIfai.

Thanks for your attention,

Caroline Danneels