European Community

the new Package Travel Directive has been adopted


Today the new Package Travel Directive (2015/2302/EU) was adopted, bringing it up to date with the developments in the travel market.

The new Directive will enter into force on 31 December, 20 days after its publication. The Member States have to transpose it by 1 January 2018 and it will be applicable from 1 July 2018.

European Parliament extends "package" holiday traveller protection


The current EU Package Travel Directive (90/314/EEG) rules on package holidays date back to 1990. Since then, the growth in cheap flights and internet sales has significantly changed the way travellers plan and buy holidays.

The updated directive would clarify the rules to take account of new buyer behaviour and broaden the definition of package holidays to encompass most types of travel arrangements made up of various elements, so as to protect holidaymakers in the event of problems.

First draft text of the European Charter for Sustainable and Responsible Tourism

February 2015

Safe Coastal Tourism responded to the draft text of the European Charter for Sustainable and Responsible Tourism. Attached are the draft text of the European Charter, the response of Safe Coastal Tourism as well as the summary report of the consultation in which Safe Coastal Tourism is refered to.

call to European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA) to address misleading information on websites about destinations stays unanswered

February 2013

Any information provided to tourists about their holiday destination should be accurate, complete, honest and not misleading. Protection of  tourists and prevention of accidents should be high ranked by touristic service providers.