South Africa

Blue Flag South Africa

44 beaches across the provinces Western Cape, KZN and the Eastern Cape have been awarded with the Blue Flag status for the 2017/18 season which officially opened on 1 November 2017. An additional 22 beaches across the three provinces will participate on the Pilot Programme. For beaches to receive a Blue Flag status, it means that global standards are being met when it comes to safety, amenities, cleanliness and environmental standards. Sites are required to reapply each year to be considered for the Blue Flag award and applications are reviewed by a national and international jury. More about Blue Flag South Africa can be read here.

Safety Tips in dealing with RIP currents on the South African Coast Line

Finally (April 2014) on the official website of South Africa on tourism, yet hidden from the general webpage on "safety and travel tips" which only addresses security tips against criminality!

Meeting with Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency leads to nothing

After the meeting with Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency on the 8th of February 2013, Safe Coastal Tourism sent a letter with the report of the meeting as a reminder. The mail and reminders stayed unanswered.

Commitment to Safe Coastal Tourism to disseminate leaflets and video along the South African Coast Line remains an empty promise

It is most disappointing that to this day the National Department of Tourism (NDT), the highest authority in tourism in South Africa, hasn't kept its promises, which it made to Safe Coastal Tourism NPO during the previous legislation.