Commitment to Safe Coastal Tourism to disseminate leaflets and video along the South African Coast Line remains an empty promise

It is most disappointing that to this day the National Department of Tourism (NDT), the highest authority in tourism in South Africa, hasn't kept its promises, which it made to Safe Coastal Tourism NPO (SCT) during the previous legislation, when Mr. Marthinus Van Schalkwyk was National Minister of Tourism in South Africa.

In June 2012, after intense contact with the previous NDT and with the support of UNWTO, SCT received a promising letter from NDT,  saying that the development of  leaflets and a video to be distributed along the South African coastline was in its final process: "With reference to the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism, the South Africa Services Association (SATSA) has developed a leaflet called "Safety Tips for Tourists". This is a national initiative and includes ocean safety tips...."

Yet, no leaflet has been presented to us and we have never seen any leaflet with ocean safety tips in any hotel we have been visiting since then. Neither SCT received a copy of a video alerting the public to the dangers of RIP currents which would be made  available to all visitors to the coast. 

Asking SATSA about the leaflets to which NDT committed, also hasn't been successful.