Shark safety tips for beachgoers

Scientists say there are still thousands of great white sharks off the coast of Australia, Canada and the east coast of the United States. Off the South African coast, according to a six year study carried out mainly in Gansbaai, a shark hotspot 160 kilometers from Cape Town, there are 350-520 great white sharks left. So far the new study released on 20/7/2016. More about the study can be read here.

When it gets warmer, beach and ocean users need to be reminded that the presence of great white sharks in in-shore areas increases.

Therefore Responsible Tourism Cape Town posted the following item on its site (31/8/2016): 'Shark safety tips for beachgoers': During spring and summer, sharks become more active inshore, and beach and ocean users need to take an extra measure of care to stay safe. Shark sightings start in late August and continue through to April, and the most sightings are reported in mid-summer. [...]

General shark safety tips include:
• only using beaches where Shark Spotters are on duty
• taking the time to speak to the Shark Spotters on the day you visit the beach
• using the Shark Spotters signs to familiarize yourself with the four-flag warning system and warning siren

Picture: Mike Hutchings