letter of recommendation from Lifesaving South Africa


After the positive outcome of the Bavo Verheyden family's lawsuit against Khululeka resort in 2019 (at Ntafufu beach, SA), the participation of Safe Coastal Tourism (SCT) in the World Conference on Drowning Prevention in Durban in October 2019 organized by Lifesaving South Arica (LSA) and ongoing contacts since Bavo Verheyden's death by drowning in 2011, SCT obtained a letter of recommendation from Lifesaving South Africa.


This letter was introduced by LSA's General Manager, Mrs. Helen Herbert, as follows:


We value our interaction with the Safe Coastal Tourism group and the work you are doing in raising the awareness of the dangers around South African Coastline.


Therefore SCT proposes the “Swimming safely at South African beaches”-advice you can find here added. This advice is in accordance with the most recent Rip Currents Position Statement from the International Lifesaving Federation (ILS) (dated 3/3/2020).


The last file added contains a signage which you can take over. You just need to adjust the name 'Ntafufu beach' to the beach where your signage will be set up. Feel free to put additional emergency numbers and/or logo's on the signage. Or ask us the photoshop file.


If you include the safety advice on your website or you set up signage on your beach, we kindly ask you to let us know, then we will put a link to your facilities on our website. Our contact details are here.