The Eleventh Meeting of the World Committee on Tourism Ethics has closed with calls to make “Safe Coastal Tourism” a priority in coastal destinations worldwide

Safe Coastal Tourism was invited to address the members of the World Committee of Ethics on Tourism in Rome at their 11th meeting. Attached you can find the report of this meeting.

"The Committee heard from invited guest, Caroline Danneels, founder of the non-profit organization “Safe Coastal Tourism”, on the importance of safety precautions at beaches and marinas across the globe. Based in the Flemish Community of Belgium, the organization works to raise awareness of the crucial need for adequate safety measures and the provision of accurate information to tourists to prevent often fatal accidents at coastal sites. Committee members drew particular attention to the need for safety warnings, in the form of signs and flags, to alert visitors to dangerous conditions, and the absolute necessity of life-guards and life-buoys to aid in rescues, even during tourist “low-season”.

(Rome, Italy, 12-13 July)