Two people drown after being swept into the sea by a huge wave in Tenerife

A man and a woman drowned after being swept out to sea by a powerful wave while bathing at a natural swimming pool on the Canary Island of Tenerife.

It is terrifying to see tourists unaware of the strength of the waves stand so close to the sea. I witnessed myself a similar incident in Madeira (see the photo next to this article). February 2017. A man was on a path between two natural swimming pools watching the waves when a huge wave smashed him down. He luckily survived, but the look in his eyes  afterwards showed how frightened he was. Locals know the dangers of unexpected high waves, but foreigners are not aware. The path was not closed at the time of the incident. After the incident they closed the area.

Also at the time of the incident in Tenerife, it seems the natural swimming pool area where the two people died, was open despite a rough seas warning.

One should be warned about the risk of drowning off the coast of Tenerife. Statistics related to drownings in Tenerife, can be found here.