"Stakeholders in tourism development" according to UNWTO

The term “stakeholders in tourism development” includes, according to UNWTO, the following players:
  • national governments;
  • local governments with specific competence in tourism matters;
  • tourism establishments and tourism enterprises, including their associations;
  • institutions engaged in financing tourism projects;
  • tourism employees, tourism professionals and tourism consultants;
  • trade unions of tourism employees;
  • tourism education and training centers;
  • travellers, including business travellers, and visitors to tourism destinations, sites and attractions;
  • local populations and host communities at tourism destinations through their representatives;
  • other juridical and natural persons having stakes in tourism development including non-governmental organizations specializing in tourism and directly involved in tourism projects and the supply of tourism services."
This list in included in the attached report on the WTO Survey on the Implmentation of the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism (2005), paragraph 32.