Presentation by SCT at the Drowning Prevention and Rescue 2013 Conference


At this conference, organized by the Irish Lifesaving Foundation from 24th till 27th of April 2013 in Dublin, a half day was reserved for presentations on holiday drowning. Our experience is that generally speaking, the phenomenon of holiday drowning is a completely underestimated and under-researched topic. The world of tourism and the world of lifesaving (prevention of drowning) do hardly meet. We have personal experience that the touristic sector is most of the time indifferent to the problem of drowning of tourists. They do not want to go into the risks of drowning. Touristic sector focuses on the economic advantages, and fears that naming risks gives a negative impression of the destination. Mostly my presentations are a call for enforced and combined power of the world of lifesaving and the world of tourism to reduce the number of coastal drownings.